Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day one: My Kroner

I may look like play money, but this is like gold to me! Everything is pretty pricey!

Day one: Boat Tour

I had to prove that I was actually out in the sun today since it is my nemesis; of course I got a little sunburnt!

Day one: Boat Tour

The Danes know how to live! So many people were relaxing on shore, slow boating on the water or eating outside at cafes...all things I want to do EVERYDAY! A local told me today that Danes know how to balance working hard and playing hard. I like how they play...not sure about the working part yet. I'll probably find out about that tomorrow when school really starts!

Day one: Boat Tour

After lunch we walked to the harbor and went on a tour around an area of Copenhagen. I'm serious...I want to live here! There are houses that line the waterways so this is basically the residents' backyard. 

Day one: Lunch Fountain

This was the place to be during lunch! It was pretty hot today so the water splashing on our backs while we ate felt really refreshing.

Day one: Lunch

Haley, me, and Brynda eating our FREE sandwiches on a fountain's edge in a square near school. I look like I'm destroying that sandwich. It had arugula on it so I was in love!

Day one: am Opening Ceremonies

Sadly they did not have White Russians as part of the Opening Ceremonies, but they did have this group play an old Danish classical song. That was all I really saw because finding the building proved to be harder than my flatmates and I expected so we were a little late.