Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rush Post 1

Matt and I are in Paris, but I'm still writing about Copenhagen from 2 weeks ago!!! I'm catching up on this blog tonight!!!

Vestergade 5: The doors into my studio.

I met Matt at the airport when he arrived in Copenhagen, but we didn't have much time to explore because I had to build a model and prepare for my final presentation the next day. After we got some food we went to studio and worked through the night. Matt DJed and made little yellow kayaks for my model. We finished around midnight and went for falafel with my friend Lizzi. Thank God my presentation wasn't until 1 o'clock...I needed the sleep!

Here I am getting my final project critiqued. It went pretty well.

We celebrated with a couple of beers.

In the morning we celebrated with a spandauer, a chocolate croissant, and white kaffe (coffee with milk)...actually the spandauer and coffee is was my normal breakfast while in Copenhagen. SO DELICIOUS!!!

Of course the weather was terrible when school was finally over and I actually had time to explore more of Copenhagen. It didn't stop us though.
Nyhavn: cute area on a canal with restaurants and shops. It was POURING down rain while we  were there!

Matt got at Danish tattoo right off of Nyhavn. I sat and sketched and took pictures. 

Sketching in the Round Tower...still in Copenhagen. The top of this building had a great 360 degree view of the city.

Matt can't stop moving...

I can't stop relaxing.

After picking up my sketchbook for grading we finally got to leave Copenhagen. I was so excited to go to Amsterdam!

Beastie Boy at the train station!?!?

I'm trying to sleep on the train to Amsterdam...not very successful. We met a couple from Portugal and played a round of Asshole with them...their suggestion!

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