Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rush Post 2

I LOVE Amsterdam! The buildings look like they are squeezed together, each one holding up the next. The city has a darkness to it that was kind of scary, but also intriguing. We were only there for a couple of days, so I HAVE to go back and explore more! We used the canal buses as transportation while we were here, ate some amazing food and pastries and enjoyed some other local offerings.

This street shows the touristy side of Amsterdam...I'm missing pictures of the redlight district (half naked women in windowed doors in the evening) and the marijuana shops.

Matt and I enjoying our free beer at the Heineken Brewery.

Again?!? What's with the breasts for eyes around here? 

The tame night life in Amsterdam.

Here I am at the train station leaving for London, doing what I love to do...Drinking coffee and sketching! Such a great multi-tasker!

Oh, and here I am doing my other favorite thing...sleeping!!!! That's the gorgeous English countryside passing me by.

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