Thursday, July 14, 2011

Leaving for Norway

I woke up today at 11am!!! Brynda went for a run around the lakes by our flat and she saw the Copenhagen wake boarding team practicing for a competition, so I got up and ready to go super fast to go watch. The riders were being pulled by a zip line; it was pretty cool, but I didn't really get any good pictures. There was a yellow lab on shore that kept barking and following the riders along the zip line path. SO CUTE! It made me miss my Casher.

The only jump pic that I could get.

I was in serious need of a coffee and pastry, so we walked to a bakery in our neighborhood. I don't remember what this pastry was called, but it was SO tasty! 

This could get dangerous.

After my DELICIOUS breakfast I went home, packed my bags for Norway, and took a bus to catch another bus to catch the ferry. 

On the ferry! From left: Isaac, Bo (one of the professors), me, Mandi, Matthew, Steve, Kelesy, and Shawn.

The night we were on the ferry was super crazy. First, I switched rooms with another student so I could bunk with Brynda. The rooms were TINY and they slept four people, so knowing at least one of my bunk buddies was sort of a preference of mine. After I got settled in and ate dinner we realized there were five people in our room and the girl who switched rooms with me was not actually in THAT room. I know I am too nice at times, but I didn't want to make the girl I switched with move out of my assigned room so I had to search for a room with only three girls to find a bed. It all worked out in the end, but I was irritated. (partially my fault anyway for not double checking)

My first experience with a Norwegian did not end great. I have heard about negative interactions from others in the group and someone from a Swedish guy, so I guess people from Norway can just be rude. After hearing their stories I don't feel so bad for cussing the Norwegian guy out.

The night did get better. A group of other DIS students and I ended up hanging out on the boat deck all night and watching the sunrise, which was around 4am. I will post pictures of that experience later; only one person had their camera so I need to get the images from him.

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