Sunday, July 24, 2011

So effing tired of touring!

I have really honestly loved all of the places that have been scheduled for us to see on this study tour, but I am so tired of traveling in a group of forty people. Because my studio instructor was not on the trip I got to make my own schedule for the day. I hooked up with Ksana and went back to the Oslo Opera House to visit the building while not completely exhausted.
One of the theaters is housed in this wood structure.

Ksana and I on the marble steps at the Opera House.

We sketched for awhile and then walked to a plaza to people watch and enjoy coffee and treats! I felt that I deserved a nap on my free day so after sitting and chatting for awhile I went back to the hotel. I'm glad I got my rest because the next stop was a sculpture garden and then a house that both took FOREVER to walk to!!!

The grounds of this garden were gorgeous and the be the judge.

Villa Stenersen by Arne Korsmo 1939

This house was well worth the long walk!

LOVE the lil vestibule entry!

Here I am chillin at the house party!

Catching up on some reading.

Chillin on the upper deck with Kelso...she's just my size! 

Can you tell that I LOVE this house!?!?!?

After the house tour we caught the metro to get to a dinner spot planned by DIS; yes that means the meal was FREE!
George, myself, and Cory taking the metro...we're all super hungry!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and had a couple drinks, in room 508 again, and then walked to a bar. WALKED FOREVER to get there! I got a beer and sat and chatted with a Swedish man who just moved to Norway. He is a non-fiction writer who had an interesting story to tell me. He had just been in the same bar the night before having a couple of drinks. He said he was there for awhile writing on his laptop. When he got up to leave a Norwegian man grabbed him by the neck and brought him to the ground saying that he was stealing someone's laptop bag.  Even though he was in the bar for awhile none of the bartenders who served him defended him or told the guy that the laptop was his! Messed up! I'm still not sure why he wanted to return to the same bar the next night, but I'm glad he did because he was WAY nicer than any Norwegian I have met so far!

He was so nice that he even took a pic with me so I could remember our lil chat!


  1. reading this gave me the HUGEST smile!!!! i can totally tell you love that house!!!

  2. Aww...I want to live there, but it's pretty much only for touring. So sad.