Friday, July 08, 2011

My Summer Studio Project

Studio classes officially started this week!!! It looks like I ended up with the toughest studio professors and one of the larger projects, but so far things have been going well. We are being asked to design a kayak club on the canals of an area in Copenhagen called Christianshavn. Part of our research is to explore the Baltic canals via kayak. It was gorgeous on Wednesday, the day we were scheduled to go out, but because of the massive storm that hit the area last week the harbor was closed due to high levels of bacteria in the water. So, instead of going out on a beautiful sunny day we went out today, on a cold and rainy day! Me and many other females in the studio class were pretty nervous about the entire experience, especially when the first guy who got into a kayak tipped over and fell into the water. After getting into my kayak my nerves settled. We kayaked along the same path as the boat tour we took last week. It was just a lot more work (I'm already sore) and the perspective was more dynamic. We got to kayak under this building, the Royal Danish Playhouse.

After kayaking I went out to lunch with a girl from UC Berkeley and two girls from Taiwan. I love meeting and talking with people from all over the world! Speaking of all over the world...We leave for Sweden tomorrow, so after we ate lunch we went to the train station to exchange our currency from Danish kroner to Swedish kronor.

I really should have taken a picture of the meal my flatmates prepared tonight because it was AMAZING! Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and prosecco..the first FULL meal I've eaten in while!

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  1. First, I am so glad you had a meal.
    Sounds like you feel better. I can't imagine how much fun to kayak and see all of that. Remember to take tons of photos in Sweden. Have fun, be safe, Mom