Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Walking Dead

On Sunday morning we had breakfast on the ferry. Most of the group was hurting from the events of Saturday night, but there was no rest planned for the weary. As soon as the boat docked we got on the bus to get to our hotel in Oslo, Norway. When we got to the hotel we didn't even get a chance to put our luggage in our rooms; instead we put all of our luggage into one room and took off for a walking tour of the city. We walked to the new harbor front development in Oslo which was very nice, but obviously only planned for the middle to upper class population. Cute cafes dominated the ground floor of most buildings and large gorgeous lofts overlooked the harbor full of equally gorgeous yachts. After seeing how the upperclass live in Oslo we walked to the Nasjonal Museet of Arkitektur for lunch. 
Here I am waiting for lunch. (I'm not a zombie at this point)

Here's the yummy salmon salad that helped make me even more tired.

After lunch we toured the architecture museum; at this point I was truly a member of the walking dead. I could not focus or keep my eyes open and the day STILL wasn't over. After a couple of hours in the museum we walked to the Olso Opera House for the last tour of the day. This place is amazing! It's on the water's edge and is designed to emulate an iceberg. The wide planes of white marble that form the building's platform called me to rest. I laid down on the warm surface for awhile, but you know marble isn't ideal for napping on so I walked around exploring before our tour started. I was so thankful that our tour guide captivated me. She was a petite beautiful Norwegian woman with the most soothing voice and hand gestures. If I were rich I would hire her to tell me stories. As I said I was tired, but I didn't want to miss anything she had to say so I kept going!

I laid down on the large slab by the water.

When we finally made it back to the hotel I fell right to sleep without eating dinner or bathing! It felt SOOOOO great to finally stop walking around like a zombie!


  1. i loved reading this story francie!!!! ur a lil journalist!!!! and that bldg looks sooo cool!!

  2. I love it too. MOM