Monday, July 25, 2011


One last free breakfast in the hotel in Oslo
On the bus
To an awesome little church to sketch
On the road to Sweden
Stop at Lars Larin Studio...I usually don't photograph art, but I couldn't resist this babe!!!

Lars Larin Studios

Miss my Casher boy!

Arrival in Sweden was so sweet! Being on a tour bus gets old and the countryside of Sweden was a great place to stretch out and relax. First thing we did after settling into our cute little cottage room: hit the sauna! AWWW!!! Amazing way to relax from all of the traveling, walking, touring, and school. The DIS group crammed as many people as we could into one sauna and took turns running back and forth to the lake to cool off. I'm a wimp so I only hit the lake once; it was chilly! No pics from this event. A new DIS policy. Here's part of the group at a nice sit down meal that was planned for us.

Lansmman's Garden

Good lookin crew? Hell ya!

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  1. i know exactly what u mean by photgraphing art! i am on ur level with that :)