Sunday, July 24, 2011

Room 508

Our second day in Norway was just as busy as our first, but I was well rested so I was ready to soak everything in. No more walking dead for me! Before leaving on our tour bus we got FREE breakfast at our hotel. I am usually not that excited about free hotel breakfast, but prices in Oslo are even higher than in Copenhagen and I'm working with a budget. 

Our first stop was Hedmarksmuseet in Hamar, Norway. This is an archaeological site of medieval ruins that architect Sverre Fehn built a modern museum around so visitors can explore the site without doing any further damage. I did A LOT of sketching here! The connections and light in this place were so amazing! One of my favorite places so far.
Here's a picture of Mandi and I sketching. (Taken by the one and only Matthew Messner!)

The Connections...The Light!        COME ON!!!

We had a nice sit down lunch on DIS (FREE FOOD!!!) and then went back out to do more exploring and sketching on the site. I went into a large glass structure that housed the ruins of a cathedral. There were two Norwegian women who worked at the museum singing what sounded like hymns. The acoustics were so amazing! I was definitely in the right place and the right time!

Our next stop was the Holmenkollen Ski Jump. I would love to see someone actually do this jump because it is ridiculously high!

We finished the night meeting in room 508 and having a couple of drinks before going out for dinner...and after dinner we had a night cap back in room 508!
Francie, Shawn, Kelsey, Mandi, Atalay, and Ashley. (There were about 10 other people crammed into this tiny room, but somehow they didn't make it in the photo)

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