Friday, July 08, 2011

Study Tour around Copenhagen

This MASSIVE church was built entirely out of brick between 1913 and 1940.  

The interior space of the church is gorgeous! I'm sure Sunday morning service here would be amazing!

Our second stop was at Paustian furniture showroom by Jorn Utzon (same guy who designed the Sydney Opera House). This was my favorite interior space! Seriously, look at all that natural light! I sketched a quick section cut of the building and made a "future furniture" shopping list.

The bright furniture against the white surface materials looks so fresh and so clean!

Bagsvaerd Kirke
This church is also designed by Jorn Utzon. The man was a genius! The exterior of the church is very rectilinear and resembles a factory building, but as soon as you enter you see the very organic form of the interior sanctuary's ceiling curve overhead. It was a peaceful space to sit and sketch in.

Louisiana Museum
The title of this art instillation: Eyes. Ya right!

Crazy reflective space

I was SO tired from getting on and off the tour bus and walking around, so I laid in grass and enjoyed the shade (and a little bit of filtered sunlight).


  1. Wow Francie. This all looks amazing. I will be traveling through you and your pictures. Love you.

  2. For some reason the Eyes instillation is my favorite...